Indivulality / Personified Solutions
Only you know what your business needs. At Smart Office, you decide what you need, when you need it and how much space you need.


Your needs today can change drastically tomorrow. Weoffer a fast response to adapt to any situation.


Cost Efficiency
These are the options that will translate into important advantages the moment you evaluate costs and benefits. Only Smart Office balances the importance of being there when you need us and not being a load when we are no longer needed.


Our Services
We are a lot more than just an office space. The Coffee Lounge, the Conference Rooms and our last generation Printing Center are just some examples. We offer the best in everything you need, and you will never have to remember to change the cartridge or fill the coffee pot!


Smart Office is ready to welcome you and your most demanding clients. Chance will not surprise you with a state of the art office awaiting you and your client in the heart of Montevideo.


Just a few walks away from the financial and corporate district. Smart Office is located at the Indepence square within the heart of Montevideo.

The Palacio Salvo has been for the last century and this millenium, the clear symbol of the most ambitious Montevideo. Today Smart Office found its home in this symbolic building in the heart of Montevideo, working on the rennovation of this historic monument and giving birth to ultimate technology and human talent within its walls. Its location – right on the Plaza de Independencia – is perfectly in the heart of the communication and transportation routes of Montevideo. A couple of blocks from the port of Montevideo, two minutes walk from the vibrant "Ciudad Vieja", the financial and business center of Uruguay, and on 18 de Julio, the main commercial street of Uruguay. The Plaza Independencia has always been the center of activity with the Radisson Victoria Plaza Hotel, the headquarters of major national and international companies and has now regained its predominance with the relocation of the offices of the President to the recently completed Palacio Ejecutivo. Amongst all these giants, the Palacio Salvo takes a stand peeking into the world renown skyline.


Renovation of the Plaza Independencia

The history of the Plaza Independencia does not stop the future of the city. An ambitious project is already in place for the renovation of the most important Plaza of the country, home to Smart Office, and at the same time opening this part of our past into the XXI century. An icon inside another icon forging into the future, renovating its status and its energy. The project includes the improvement of the surroundings, cultural activities and parking spots that will be useful for our clients and yours just a couple of meters from our offices.

Your business or office, regardless of its size, will have an iconic address in Montevideo – perfectly located in the heart of the city. Your Business, with your graphic corporate identity, will be listed in the Smart Office roster.

The space you have always dreamt of for your conventions, business meetings, seminars, presentations and workshops with a capacity for up to 60 people. Available for half a day or a full day.

A practical solution for your hectic day, our lounge offers the convenience of a coffee shop without having to leave the work place.

No telephone or printed message will get lost on its way. You will have an optional exclusive voicemail service available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year which will notify you immediately via email and/ or SMS.

Our Smart Office Solutions involves a common reception area for all offices with qualified and multilingual (Spanish/Portuguese/English) personnel. Our waiting area will offer not only "café a la carte" but also daily press to welcome your clients or suppliers before your meeting.

We offer the confidentiality and promptness that the business world requires today, for either physical or virtual offices, Smart Office offers you a personal mailing address and you will be notified immediately (via telephone, email and/or SMS) upon receipt of any delivery.

Altius Group is a company focused on the development of innovative projects in the real estate sector, implementing best practices in the value chain, in the work methodology and the development of top professionals. The generated capital transcends the output of each investment, driving the economic and social growth, professionalizing and incorporating new business models to the development of real estate in Uruguay.


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